Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Trailer

Here's a picture of the trailer I bought with the intention of turning into a teardrop trailer. Plans have changed, as my parents will be giuving myself and Mrs. Zombie a pop up camper.

So this goes up as a barter item. I'm posting pictures here because a local person is selling a hearse and I've offered it as barter.

Note: It does not have a title. I will provide a bill of sale. In order to register it, you simply need a bill of sale abd you'll need to weigh (Which can be done for like $5 at Willoughby Coal). You can then register it as a homemade trailer and you're good to go. I never registered it because, any time I needed to tow anything, I just hooked it up, ran where I needed to go, loaded it up with mulch - wood - whatever, and came home. I never had any problems.

Anyway... on to the trailer.

I'm going to provide a link to the shotgun, rifle, and ammunition I'm also selling or bartering.

If I had to attach a price to the trailer, I'd put it in the $500 range.