Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Transfer from Zombie-A-Go-Go9 Climbing

So, did some interesting research on my goal to climb a mountain.

I bookmarked a bunch of sites, and I've started to put together a tentative "plan" for getting my fat ass to Denali. I've divided the list of goal mountains into the four accepted types of climbs.

My plan is to get some proficiency with technical rock climbing, start putting equipment together, and then doing one or two big climbs a year (with several smaller, closer, less strenous run up climbs in between.) These are in ascending order in terms of technical ability and danger...

Walk Up Mountains
Mt Whitney (CA) - 14,494 feet (highest mountain in lower 48 states)
Mt Elbert (CO) - 14,433 feet (highest in Rockies and CO)
Pike's Peak (CO)- 14,115 feet (just because Sully and Laura would be disappointed if I didn't add it!)

Mt. Rainier (WA) 14,411 feet
Mt. Baker (WA) 10,770 feet

More Technical
Grand Teton (WY)- 13,770 feet Mt. Stuart (WA) - 9,415 feet
El Capitan (CA) - 7,569 feet (Added because it's the epitome of technical, big wall climbing.)

Denali (AL) 20,320 (Largest peak in North America)

And in the department of just general brainstorming; equipment I need to start putting together:
Short term:
climbing harness
chalk bag
appliances (ascender, 'biners, descenders)
4 season tent
teardrop (Just because I need one. Seriously.)

To be bought later:
Ice Axe with leash (65cm)
Crampons Alpine Climbing Harness Trekking or ski poles (adjustable with snow baskets)
Double wall plastic boots
Snow shoes
Technical Expedition clothing (See this site for specifics)
Ski goggles (Dark 100%UV/IR)
Glaciar Glasses (100%UV/IR - no more than 10% light transmission, side covers, and leash)

Get Chour Azz to Mahs!